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Our Story

Olivia Bates Nourishing Bubs Nourishing Bubs was born through my expertise as a dietitian, experience caring for children and my pure love for whole foods. As a dietitian I am all too familiar with the effects of obesity, particularly later in life. However while there are many initiatives targeted at combatting adult obesity and improving the nutritional integrity of the food supply, the efforts targeted at children and babies are far less prevalent.

My additional study into Paediatric Nutrition highlighted the learning process by which eating habits are developed. Like any learned behaviour, changing eating habits as an adult is significantly harder, as the repeated action throughout childhood hardwires those behaviours into place. It is for this reason, that laying down positive healthy eating habits from a young age, is so important.

While I obviously already appreciated the importance of providing children with a healthy diet, my new knowledge and background in the food industry made me curious as to what was on offer for parents looking for a pre-prepared solution to feed their young child. Upon exploring the baby food market, most notably I was shocked at the lack of fresh options, with everything sold in shelf stable jars or pouches. While I could appreciate the convenience factor of these products, I couldn’t comprehend why everything, savoury dishes included, was sweetened with fruit. I also learned the importance of introducing foods one at a time to check for allergies or adverse reactions and to be able to easily identify the cause. So why was there no single vegetable options? Months of product research, surveys, focus groups and speaking to parents, I realised I was onto something and so Nourishing Bubs was born.

Nourishing Bubs epitomises everything I felt was missing from the baby food options out there. It is made fresh (just as mummy or daddy would make), before being snap frozen to extend the shelf life while still keeping the nutrients in tact. It is single vegetables with absolutely NOTHING added. That means no sugar, no fruit, no salt, no thickeners or preservatives. It also comes in a wide range of vegetables to expose baby to a diverse range of nutrients and develop their taste buds. And last but not least, all Nourishing Bubs products are made locally using ONLY Australian ingredients.

Finally, it is my dream that Nourishing Bubs will help lay the foundations for lifelong healthy eating habits by encouraging little ones to make friends with foods in their purest form, from the moment they start solids. I hope you and your baby enjoy our range!


Olivia Bates
Accredited Practising Dietitian & Founder, Nourishing Bubs