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What our friends are saying

Freddie My son Freddie started solids at 4 months and began chowing through Nourishing Bubs carrot and sweet potato straight away – he loved it! It was so easy for me to introduce vegetables to Freddie first with Nourishing Bubs, and thankfully he really loved all the flavours. It was super important for me to start with savory items rather than jumping straight into sweet fruits and over the last five months Freddies’ appetite for vegetables has only grown and he now even eats NB beetroot on its own!

I am now back at work and on those nights coming home after a big day in the office, it’s great knowing I always have a ready-to-go option for Freddie in the freezer – mix a couple of NB vegetable flavours with a bit of mince or chicken and dinner is served - makes it easy to feel like a super-mum hah!

Alex Abrahams (Mummy of Freddie)

Harry Nourishing Bubs was a saviour when my son first started on solids. To be honest I really had no idea what vegetables to try first, correct method to introduce new foods, best way to puree and the list goes on. Add into the mix being exhausted and what should be such a fun time can be a little overwhelming. Nourishing Bubs saved me so much time, gave my son variety and nutrition and most importantly brought me peace of mind (its even portion controlled!!). I can not recommend Nourishing Bubs enough to mums- its a life saver! No matter how good you are in the kitchen there is no way you would cook up 10 varieties of vegetables for your baby to try, be nice to yourself and let Nourishing Bubs worrying about all that stuff

Fiona Gardiner (Mummy of Harry)

IsaacAs a full time working mum, I find it difficult to find time to cook and puree vegetables for my 8 month baby. My baby loves the veg and in this picture we are having beetroot and carrot mixed today with added rice.

I use the veg as a stand alone meal, add to meat products, or mix with rice. Nourishing bubs has saved me from wasting hours getting different veg steamed and puréed.

Now I spend that quality time I have outside playing with my son

Christina Kritikos (Mummy of Isaac)


ZoeIt was very important to my husband and I to live a healthy lifestyle so we certainly wanted that for our daughter Zoe. She started solids at 4 months old and absolutely loves it.

Finding NB has been a game changer in our house hold. It is so easy to get her meals ready and knowing there is nothing but veggies is a weight off our shoulders. Introducing NB has been a fun experience for us especially when solids  can be overwhelming and stressful.

Emma Harker (mummy of Zoe)