Pear, Plum, Strawberry & Apple

Designed by Pediatric Dietitian and Nutritionist Olivia Bates, this Baby's First Foods Fruit pack is suitable for babies starting their very first mouthfuls of solids from 4 months onwards. We do however encourage you to start on the vegetable pack first, as like adults, babies naturally develop a love for sweet, however need to be trained to love the taste of vegetables. 

Each cube is a block of snap frozen, smooth puree designed to be heated (or served room temperature) and spoon-fed to your infant. As your baby grows, matures and can tolerate more texture, you can start adding other elements to the puree such as unsweetened full-fat greek yoghurt, oats or soaked chia seeds. Nourishing Bubs contain no additives, preservatives, flavours, thickeners or fillers and uses the most natural form of preservation without the need for harmful heat treatment. Our Baby's First Foods' Packs are designed to take the guesswork out of starting solids and lay healthy foundations for your baby from their very first mouthful, setting up healthy habits to last them a lifetime.

Each pack contains:
16 x 25g frozen cube portions of Pear, Plum, Strawberry & Apple.
4 x 25g frozen Pear cubes, 4 x 25g frozen Plum cubes, 4 x 25g frozen Strawberry cubes, 4 x 25g frozen Apple cubes.